The North West John Ding Tai Chi Academy
The North West John Ding Tai Chi Academy The North West John Ding Tai Chi Academy
The North West John Ding Tai Chi Academy
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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a singularly unique exercise system based on the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of balance through change (Yin - Yang). It states that the Universe is in constant dynamic motion and that to be fit and healthy we need to mirror and harmonize with these natural energetic movements.

Dating from around 500AD Tai Chi is a superb form of coordinated body movement focusing on the cultivation of internal energy called 'Chi'. Its aim is to harmonize mind, body and spirit, promoting both physical and mental well being through softness and relaxation. It is also an effective system of self defence. When practiced correctly the movements or form of Tai Chi appear rhythmical, effortless and in a continuous flow.

Tai Chi means supreme ultimate. Supreme ultimate is simply an expression that describes the two basic forces that underpin Chinese thought and philosophy – Yin and Yang. It is part of the Chinese internal school of martial arts that co-ordinates mind and body through the cultivation of a concept we call Chi.

Tai Chi brings together aspects of meditation, oriental healing, dynamic movement, self-defense and stress management. It is not a hybrid or contrived synthesis of the above disciplines but embraces those qualities in its own right. And though all the styles of Tai Chi are now but a few hundred years old, they can trace their ancestry and origins back thousands of years and are considered a treasured Chinese national art.

Tai Chi is multi-layered system allowing each individual to work at their own pace and requirements so it can be of benefit to people returning to fitness after an illness or having not exercised for some time and feel a need to become fitter. Tai Chi’s slow, simple rhythmical movements are at the heart of the system but that does not belay the fact that it can still be challenging for even the fittest of people.

For those who want more than just physical exercise Tai Chi involves and develops the ideas of practical core balance, stability and clear integration of mind, body and spirit. This can in time create a happier more self-confidence person with enhanced inner strength.

Tai Chi starts with whatever quality you bring to the class, improving and strengthening it at a fundamental level.

Tai Chi offers something for every individual whatever your ability whether you are looking to improve your stamina, increase your strength, develop your balance, or refine and strengthen mental focus or physical stability.

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